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How to setup motion detection recording?

The DVR needs an internal hard disk drive for recording. Without hard drive, the system can show live viewing, but can’t record, playback neither.

please go to main menu--advanced--storage to check if hard is working.


Motion detection recording means DVR will record automatically when it is triggered by movement.
1.Go to record config, select channel, tick schedule and detect.

This step is necessary and you can't skip. Please don't tick Manual or stop, or regular.

2.Motion detect setting
Tick “Enable”   
select “Sensitivity”, “Region”, “Record Channel”, “Buzzer”, “Send Email” according to your needs and click “OK” to save. 

Notice: Even if you are setting up channel1, you can still select other channels to record when only camera in channel 1 is recording.

Click set to set region, default is all choosed. You can change the region by right click your mouse, drag the mouse and draw the area.
Right click to save and quit,and after you set up,it will record if system detects the motion signal.

(In the example, 1 camera is connected to Channel 1 and CH1 is right now motion recording).
3. Go to play back to check if it take motion detection recording.
If you find you can't select channel 3 and 4, here is solution. /kb/content/9/83/how-to-play-back-all-channels.html


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