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How to weatherproof cable?

This FAQ suitable for: N44PI/N48PI/N46PIN441Y/N481Y

You can use connector to connect camera to  ethernet cable. Below are methods.


1. Put the rubber gasket inside of endcap.


2. Put the O-type gasket in camera's ethernet port. If there is a O-type gasket already on ethernet port, you can skip this step.


3. Cut off RJ45 lead on ethernet cable.

4. Put the ethernet cable inside of lock nut. Please don't put lock nut in wrong direction.


5. Put the endcap with rubber gasket into ethernet cable. Tighten endcap with lock nut.


6.Install the RJ45 connector.


7. Plug ethernet cable into camera's RJ45 port.



8. Finally, fasten endcap.


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