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How to change display resolution of DVR or NVR via computer when there is all black on the monitor?

This FAQ suitable for: N44PI/N48PI/N46PIDT41Y/DT81Y/DT61YDN41R/DN81R/DN61RDT41GB/DT81GB/DT61GBN441Y/N481Y

This instruction is used to change the resolution when there is no outpur from the DVR, which might be caused by the resolution, so, pls follow the instruction step by step.

1. Firstly, pls connect your DVR to router with an ethernet cable.

2. Then, you need to connect your computer to the same router with the DVR wired or wirelessly.

3. Pls dowmload this search tool on your computer to search the IP of your DVR.

This is only for windows computer use.

4. After download it, you can click refresh to search the IP of DVR.

You will get the IP of your DVR.

5. Pls input this IP address into IE browser.

The user name is admin and the password is your system's password.

6. When you login, pls go  to configuration-system-system settings-menu output, and you can change the VGA/HDMI resolution, you can try all of these resolutions that have been listed.


Then your DVR will reboot and get the output.

If it does not worl, pls frrl free to contact us.

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2018-06-16 11:18
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