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How to connect the camera via AP mode if the sound wave configuration fails? (recommend)

This FAQ suitable for: Nova Orion (I41CS)

1. If the sound wave configuration fails, please choose “Configure device Wi-Fi using AP mode”.

2. Please press the “Reset” button for 2 seconds and release after you hear “Di”. When blue light flashes, the device is in AP mode. Then please click “I have seen the blue light flashing”

3. Please ensure the name of the Wi-Fi is correct, and input the correct Wi-Fi password with correct letter capitalization and click Next step.

4. For iphone, it will jump to the Wi-Fi configuration interface. Please choose “Click to copy password” first, then click “Go to the setting interface”. Now you come to the mobile phone’s settings interface. Please find the device’s Wi-Fi hotspot name, input or paste the password, then return to the APP interface after successful connection.

For Android phones, they will automatically connect to the device’s Wi-Fi hotspot. And after successful connection, it will automatically jump back to the APP’s Wi-Fi configuration interface.

5. Please wait patiently until the configuration steps completes. Finally, the device will be bound to your account, and you can click “View Device” to start your monitoring.

Note: If the Wi-Fi password you have input is not correct, the configuration will also fail. Please ensure your Wi-Fi password is correct and the Wi-Fi signal is OK.


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