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How to use phone to connect camera via sound wave?(recommend)

This FAQ suitable for: Nova S(I41HG)

The camera only supports 2.4G Wi-Fi. Please make sure that the router’s 2.4G Wi-Fi is turned on and can access the Internet normally. 

Note: Some routers' default protection level is medium, which will shield the P2P service. You need to enter the router settings to reduce the protection level to low or do not shield the P2P service. In addition, the router must enable DHCP and do not set the MAC address limit. In short, please ensure Wi-Fi can be normally accessed.


1. Connect your mobile phone to 2.4G Wi-Fi, get close to the place where the device is installed, and check if the Wi-Fi signal strength is appropriate. If the signal is very poor, there may be some problems with the connection. Besides, check whether you can browse the Internet pages with the Wi-Fi, so as to ensure the network connection is normal.


2. Download “Annke Nova” app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. Run the app and register an account. Please choose the right country on it. 

3.  Plug in the power and the status light will be turned on in red for a period of time. And then it will turn red and blue alternately, which means you can start to add the device.

Note: If it is flashing red, please reset the device first. Long press the reset button for more than 10 seconds and the status light will turn red to indicate the reset is done.

4.Tap the "+" icon in the middle or at the upper right corner to add the device. 

5. Scan the QR code instead of the bar code on the bottom of the device. You can use your hand to hide the bar code when you scan the QR code.


6. After you scan the QR code, you will get the device information. There will be a device picture indicating the device is offline. Please click “connect to the network”.

7.If this is your first time to configure the network, please ensure the device is already powered on and can start normally, then click "The device is starting up and running for the first time".

Note: If your device was connected to network before, click "Was this device connected to network before?" and reset the device. Please long press the reset button for more than 10 seconds and the status light will turn red to indicate the reset is done. When it turns red and blue alternately, please click "Next" and then click "The device has been started". 

8. Please ensure the name of the Wi-Fi is correct, and input the correct Wi-Fi password with correct letter capitalization and click Next step.

9.Now you come to the sound wave configuration interface. If your phone's volume is too low, you will be prompted to turn up the volume. Please place your phone close to the camera and click "send sound wave". After that, it will prompt configuring network via sound wave. It takes a while to complete; please wait a moment.

10.It will prompt the network configuration is successful and the device is being registered to Annke Nova cloud server. Please wait patiently. Finally, the device will be bound to your account, and you can click View Device to start your monitoring.

11. If the configuration fails, you will be prompted to try again. Please click "Retry". If you fail again, please check if the settings are wrong and reset the device. Also, you can click "Configure device Wi-Fi using AP mode" to configure the network. For the detailed steps, please refer to the link below: 



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