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How to install a hard disk drive?

There are several requirements of hard disk drive (HDD)

1. The disk had better be the one used for survilliance, not for computer use.

Here is reason.


2. The type should be SATA. SATA2(3GB/s) or SATA3(6GB/s)is recommened. If you connect a USB stick or drive to USB port of DVR, DVR can back up video from internal hard disk drive to USB stick, but can't record to USB stick directly.

3. We recommend 5400 RPM.

4. size is 3.5” .

5. The brand can be Dest digital or Seagate.

6. The capacity should be less than or equal to recorder's maximum capacity.

Here is some models we recommend. But please notice it is just an advice.


Form below is the maximum capacity DVR can install on different models.

Here is the method to check model number. /kb/content/1/100/where-to-check-model-number-of-the-device.html

Note: Before installing the hard drive disk, please power off the system if it is on.
Step 1 Loose the five screws which are fixing the box cover.

Step 2 Push forward the cover to the end and remove it.

Step 3 Connect the hard drive to the DVR System

Step 4 Turn on the dvr and check if it detects the hard drive.MAIN MENU---—INFO—----HDD INFO
Then, power off the system.

Step 5 Fix the hard drive inside the box.

Put screws on to fix the hard drive inside the box.

Step 6 Put the cover back to position and install the screws.


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