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25 Must know home security tips for holidays

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During the holiday’s season, many people leave their homes and travel different places. This presents an excellent opportunity for burglars to have some ‘overtime’. With no one at home, they can steal as much as they can without the fear of being instantly caught. This is the reason why, all over the world, people spend a fortune to make their home secure, especially during holidays.

In this article, we will discuss in detail what can be done to make your home more secure. In addition to expert advice from police and firefighters, we will also look into necessary home security tips from different companies.

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How CCTV footage plays a key role in crime investigation?

Many countries around the world are installing closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance camera systems as an additional tool in fighting crime and making their streets safe. Based on many studies, the very presence of camera surveillance systems has discouraged criminals, thus preventing crimes from happening.


Police investigators across the globe are using footage from surveillance cameras in their investigations of crimes. They clearly state over and again, that the videos captured are very effective in solving crimes because they record and capture the crime as it unfolds and create valuable evidence for court trials. Additionally, home and business owners are also finding great value in using CCTV footage when their homes or businesses are compromised.


One of the many countries that employ CCTV camera system in both public and private spaces is Great Britain. The popularity of surveillance cameras in the country is due to their effectiveness in solving crimes. Based on a recent study, a great number of murders investigated by detectives from Scotland Yard have benefited by using camera footage as evidence. A 2009 report showed that of the 90 murder cases recorded during the year, CCTV footage was used in 86 of the cases. According to senior police officers, 65 of the cases were solved because the crimes were captured on camera or the movements of the criminals were tracked before or after their attacks.



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