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ANNKE Camera that Lead the Market- Facts You Should Know


ANNKE has advanced a great and quality product line of video security equipment, which ensures that surveillance in all activities run smoothly throughout. It is claimed that their products are designed with the modern security technology, and are equally user-friendly and affordable for both business and home applications. They are committed to becoming trusted proficient in video security so as to satisfy their customers’ needs.

Also, they are determined to improving services through setting local offices as well as service centres in different countries, in order to ensure unwavering support and product training. Over the past few years, this brand has established sales networks globally with aim of distributing their products to all their prospective users. They also offer a warranty that remains valid within the stipulated periodin order to safeguard their customers.

Comparison Table

For effective coordination of activities in businesses and at home, it is commendable to install a video security in order to increase productivity. However, the main challenge is that it is difficult to come across the best and convenient CCTV, which can provide reliable and accurate information. Research has been conducted showing the best current video securityas a way of building confidence in customers across the world.

CCTV Resolution Dimensions
ANNKE 8 Channel 1080p HD simplified PoE NVR and (8) 1.3MP outdoor IP cameras system, IP67 weatherproof, 100ft night vision, pre-installed 1TB hard drive, remote view & smart recording  It consists of 1080p and (8) 1.3MP and this helps to produce clear images This camera is 100ft and offers accurate and reliable information
VideoSecu 100ft HD premade all-in one video security camera cable power extension wire cord with BNC RCA connectors for 720p 960p 960H CCTV surveillance DVR system A1E It has 720p 960p 960H which enables th

e camera to function optimally

It is 100ft and works awesomely when properly handled
TMEZON HD CCTV security camera 960H home security Day/Night waterproof outdoor camera 800TVL 30 IR-LEDs 3.6mm wide angle lens It contains 960H and 800TVL 30 IR-LEDs 3.6mm wide for the angle lens to facilitate easier capturing for optimal surveillance
Monoprice 16 channel CCTV camera power supply-12VDC  – 10Amps Its camera supplies 10Amps which promotes great outcomes It is 12VDC
OBLEGRID 4 PACK 100ft bnc video power cable security camera wire cord for cctvdvr surveillance system 960H It has 960H which boosts its efficiency It is 100ft

The list contains 5 security cameras with their respective features

  1. ANNKE 8 Channel 1080p HD simplified PoE NVR and (8) 1.3MP outdoor IP cameras system, IP67 weatherproof, 100ft night vision, pre-installed 1TB

This type of security video has a strong outdoor camera that forms a robust 24/7 surveillance. Also, it has a special quality that allows immediate use upon its arrival hence the best and suitable for use in both businesses and at home. In addition, this camera has been found to be weatherproof meaning it can withstand extreme weather conditions and remain functional throughout.

Moreover, it has a customized motion detection that enables it to concentrate on the relevant areas in order to reduce false alerts. This helps in noticing the real threats upon occurrence. Meanwhile, this type of CCTV is approved as the best for use since it is made of powerful features that provide incredible surveillance throughout.


  • It contains 8-channel NVR as well as 8 strong outdoor cameras that form a robust 24/7 surveillance
  • It normally adopts simplified power that helps it to benefit from the technology, which allows cables carry electrical power on top of data thus making the surveillance affordable and easier
  • It concentrates on the relevant areas for motion detection so as to reduce false alerts
  • It is weatherproof and this helps it to tolerate extreme weather conditions more so during rains, sandstorms and winds
  • It records and keeps data throughout from numerous camera streams
  • It is easy to install, user-friendly and comes with an instruction manual for use during installation and operation as well
  • It has a one year warranty in case of any malfunctioning


  • It is relatively expensive thus not affordable
  • It is very delicate hence requires special handling to prevent breakages and damages
  1. VideoSecu 100ft HD premade all-in one video security camera cable power extension wire cord with BNC RCA connectors for 720p 960p 960H CCTV surveillance DVR system A1E

This security camera consists of a powerful feature that allows effective operation and proper surveillance. It is ready for use upon plugging in. It is easy to operate and affordable.

This software has a high-resolution power that allows production of clear images. It also detects motions from other streams hence offering reliable outcomes from observation.


  • It has a power cable and connectors that facilitate effective operation
  • It is a plug and plays ready hence easy to operate
  • It contains advanced adapters that easily detects motion throughout
  • It is easy to install and weather friendly


  • Plug and play ready is limited only for a camera with DC power
  • It is less durable and prone to damages especially during installation
  1. TMEZON HD CCTV security camera 960H home security Day/Night waterproof outdoor camera 800TVL 30 IR-LEDs 3.6mm wide angle lens

This camera has high resolution power with sensors that provide clear images even in the dark. It is weatherproof with a quality signal system and is made of plastic case. This means it is not easily damaged


  • It comes with a two-year warranty
  • It has a high-resolution camera that produces clear images
  • It is packed with an instruction manual for use during installation
  • It has a strong wavelength that results in a clearer and quality outcomes
  • It is weatherproof hence cannot be affected by adverse conditions such as heavy rains and strong winds


  • It is costly although heavy discounts are availed sometimes
  • Poor handling may lead to damages thus causing inefficiencies during detection of motions
  1. Monoprice 16 channel CCTV camera power supply-1

It is claimed to be effective in terms of quality and reliability under consistent power supplies. All the channels are highly protected with strong fuses and this prevents them from blowing out. Furthermore, it can be mounted to any surface and still serve the designated purpose smoothly.

Furthermore, voltage and over current are highly protected with aim of reducing the risks that might cause severe damages.


  • Its fuse is highly protected to prevent them from blowing thus guaranteeing long life
  • Its DC is regulated and over-current, as well as voltage, are protected to prevent any form of accident that may arise
  • It is easily mounted to any surface hence can be fixed everywhere
  • Each output has an individual LED indicator thus increasing the effectiveness


It is very fragile and can easily break during installation if not properly handled

It has no money back guarantee meaning no compensation is available in the event of dissatisfaction

  1. OBLEGRID 4 PACK 100ft BNC video power cable security camera wire cord for CCTV DVR surveillance system

It is available in black and works by capturing all significant motions happening around it with the help of power cables and connectors. It is easy to install as well as operating it. This type of CCTV camera has both power and video cables that optimize its functioning ability hence providing reliable results as expected.


  • It becomes operational once it is plugged in and well fixed
  • It has both video and power cable that enables it to run successfully
  • Its cables contain connectors that have adaptors and this helps to optimize its functioning
  • It has a warranty that runs for one year


  • Immediate operation after installation works only for the cameras with DC power only
  • It has a high maintenance cost hence expensive
  • Poor handling normally leads to severe damages which are not repairable at all


Security cameras are ideal for outdoor surveillance applications and are mostly used in businesses and at home as well. The most recommendable CCTV camera software are those with powerful features since they are designed to cater for all security needs. It has been discovered that this software contains a system that allows the use of video cameras to monitor both interior and exterior of a property, which transmits a signal hence providing the accurate and reliable information.

Of all the companies that manufacture CCTV cameras, Annke has stood out as the best producers with the most quality and an amazing product.  They are mostly known for offering ANNKE 8 Channel 1080p HD simplified PoE NVR and (8) 1.3MP outdoor IP cameras system, IP67 weatherproof, 100ft night vision, pre-installed 1TB, which contains strong outdoor cameras that function optimally to offer the best services as expected. It also contains an outstanding quality that facilitates effective functioning throughout.

Ultimately, it is crucial to consider a product’s qualities and features before making buying decisions in order to avoid inconveniences. Also, it is highly commendable to embrace this equipment while operating a business and also at home for security purposes since they greatly help to monitor every activity taking place every minute. Most of them are user-friendly, easy to install, convenient and affordable.

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ANNKE 8 H.264 5-in-1 Channel Security Camera System Review


Security cameras have redefined the protection and security of businesses and homes. Buying, installing, disarming, dealing with substandard alarms, and paying monthly fees are all the hassles tied to security systems which might make you wonder if a CCTV camera is worth the inherent hassle.

However, you need to take the right measures to protect your loved ones, your valuables, and business. The modern surveillance and security camera systems have elevated the levels of security management, monitoring, and enforcement. The technology used has helped to thwart activities of even the most experienced and sophisticated criminals and thieves. But before buying a security camera, here are some of the considerations you should put in mind:

  • The Type of the Camera– Do you want a hidden spy camera or hidden camera for sales? There is a range of cameras in the market, and they serve a different purpose. The four broad categories include bullet cameras, box camera, PTZ cameras, and mini dome cameras. Do you need an outdoor or indoor camera? Is it a visual deterrent of discreet? With all these ideas, you will manage to choose the best type of security camera.
  • Field of View– Essentially, the camera’s field of view is largely affected by the focal length of the lens. The longer lens magnifies the scene hence decreasing the field of view. The shorter focal length, on the other hand, captures a large scene thus increases the field of view.
  • Resolution– This is another vital aspect to consider when buying a security camera. A higher resolution gives distinct quality, better definition, and clarity of the pictures captured. Cameras with high resolution can capture minute details of an event and the actual face of a person. It makes it easy to identify an individual in case the person commits a crime.

Here are the 5 best Security Camera Systems


ANNKE 8 CHANNEL1080P 5-in-1 SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEM 1080 Cable Mobile Devices
NEST CAM OUTDOOR SECURITY CAMERA 1080p HD Cable Various viewing devices including smartphones





1.ANNKE 8 Channel 1080P 5-in-1 Security Camera System H.264+ DVR with 1TB

When it comes to security matter, ANNKE Company is dedicated to giving its clientele the best products on the market. This is evident with their latest security camera- Annke 8 Channel Security camera. Its designed with an extendable security system that comprises 8 channel DVR connect, consisting of four 720p weatherproof ideal cameras to heighten your surveillance system. Excitingly, you can add 2 extra 960 IPCs and four analog cameras.

More so, this device is explicitly designed with a 1TB HDD surveillance to keep record data 24/7 for 365 days, from various camera channels or streams. It has a customized motion detection aspect that alerts you in case of a commotion. It sends you email alerts accompanied with corresponding snapshots.

ANNKE is tailored with an advanced H.264+ compression feature which record videos for 1200 hours- continuously!

Today, hacking is the major challenge to both small and large organizations. ANNKE company understands that hacking has become rampant across the globe. For this matter, Annke 8 Channel camera is secured with 128-bit bank-level encryption to make sure your footage is only for your eyes.


  • Weighs 11.7 pounds
  • 16 x 12 x 8 inches
  • Night vision
  • 1P66 weatherproof
  • 75 degrees wide viewing angle


  • It is affordable
  • It’s an ideal camera for indoor and outdoor
  • It has a dual-stream support
  • It is encrypted to avoid hacking
  • It is easy to set-up
  • It’s user-friendly
  • The advanced H.264+ compressions enable continuous recording for 1200 hours.


  • Although its waterproof, there have been a few cases of leakage

2.Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Your search for an outdoor security camera ends with the Nest Cam Outdoor camera. It has the best features which include a 24/7 live HD video, an option to upgrade, and motion-detection alerts. The camera needs to be plugged into an outlet- which is a crucial aspect depending on the place you want to mount it. Once the camera gets installed, you will be able to watch live footage- 24hours. The amazing thing about this incontestable camera is that the motion-detection alerts will be sent directly to your smartphone. Once there is a motion-triggered event. This Nest Outdoor Security Camera will capture clear images and store them for up to three hours. The inbuilt speaker and microphone will let you talk to people who might be at your door.


  • 1080p HD resolution
  • Night vision
  • 5 x 3.8 x 6.6 inches
  • 25-foot extension cord
  • The operating temperature range from -4 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It weighs 1.8 pounds


  • It’s easy to set-up
  • It has Sightline feature (timelapse)
  • Two-way audio
  • A high resolution of 1080p HD
  • Simple-to-use app
  • It has a magnetic mounting bracket
  • 24/7 live video


  • No local storage
  • Inconsistency notifications
  1. Canary Flex Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera

For those who want a versatile camera to be used both indoors and outdoors, then Canary Flex is incontestable. It provides users with flexible hardware configurations coupled with an intuitive app. Its shaped like a pill and only four inches in height. Setting up Canary Flex is a breeze and give users an option to use the camera without the hub.


  • Waterproof for outdoor use
  • 360-degree magnetic swivel base
  • HD camera with night vision
  • Operating temperatures range from -4 to 113 degree Fahrenheit
  • 1080p HD resolution


  • It has a convenient video storage
  • Captures high-resolution footage
  • Connects to Wi-Fi network
  • Works well when plugged in
  • It has a compact weatherproof design


  • Slow to start recording when in battery mode
  • Inconsistent battery life
  1. Amcrest ProHD Wireless WiFi IP Camera

The Amcrest ProHD is an impressive nighttime camera that gives you an option to monitor your home at night. This explicitly designed indoor security camera operates on 12 infrared LED lights with a capability to capture a video at 32 feet in the dark, making it the perfect camera for night surveillance.

Another impressive aspect about Amcrest ProHD is that it’s easy to set up using a smartphone. Once you have installed, you can distinctively record 1080p HD video that will get stored on the Micro SD card. It can also connect to WiFi to activate real-time video streaming via tablet, smartphone, or a computer. More so, you can use this versatile camera to zoom, tilt or pan, giving a perfect angle throughout.

Amcrest Wireless Camera can send snapshots and motion-detection alerts to your phone, enabling you to sense anything going on. Its microphone operates on noise-canceling technology to ensure your communications are clear.


  • Record and Playback
  • Two-way audio
  • Pan, zoom, and tilt
  • High resolution of 1080p HD
  • Wide-field view
  • Great night vision
  • 4 hours’ of free cloud storage


  • Used as a wired or wireless camera with a router on 2.4GHZ
  • The camera can send you push notification or email when it detects motion
  • It gives a clear picture during the day which is only accepted at night
  • It can store on a range of various mediums – Cloud, SD Card, using NAS, FTP, and NVR
  • It has 4 hours of free cloud storage
  • The camera pans through 360° to give you the ability to view the entire room


  • It does not notify you when it loses power
  • The digital Zoom function gets shadowy once at 4 times
  • The App and making changes can be intimidating since it’s not user-friendly
  1. ATWIN Home Security IP Surveillance Camera

Getting an affordable and quality surveillance camera can be taxing and intimidating. But with Twin Security camera you will save a few bucks and keep your loved ones and business protected. This affordable camera gives you a wide range of view to ensure you can monitor each corner of your house. It pivots 100 degrees vertically, all while perfectly capturing 720-pixel HD video.

One of the impressive aspects of ATWIN security camera is that it easily connects to your Wi-Fi for live video streaming right from your tablet or phone. Additionally, it has a 16GB memory card ideal for storing continuous or motion-triggered videos. Once the camera detects motion, it will send a picture or a notification to your smartphone for a review.

ATWIN IP surveillance camera is ideal for a big room since you can remotely tilt and pan it to capture a 360-degree panorama.


  • Pan and tilt: vertical 100 degrees, Horizontal 360degrees
  • 8x digital zoom
  • Lighting frequency of 60Hz, 50 Hz
  • 85 x 85 x 120(mm)


  • It’s affordable
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to operate


  • It does not have an independent transmitter


It’s undeniable that are multiple security cameras in the marketplace. To get the best device, you need to dive deep and conduct thorough research. The process might be daunting, but it is worth it.

With the above cameras, ANNKE 8 Security Camera proves to be one of the best cameras to secure and protect your loved ones and your business too. It has what you need without pricking your financial muscles. With a 60-day money back guarantee and a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer, you can be sure of its quality.

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Outdoor and Indoor Security Cameras


Security cameras are vital in adding another level of comfort when thinking about the safety of both your property and family. The indoor and outdoor security cameras ensure that you get a glimpse of what is happening inside and outside your house at any time and in any place. With the outside cameras particularly, you will be able to spot and catch an intruder/burglar. For that reason, theft during the day (when there is no one at home) is greatly reduced for you work peacefully all day long.

The outdoor cameras are more susceptible to being interfered with many things and therefore, they are made from very durable materials such as metal. They may be made heavier or housed in a strong case to make sure that it will not be easy to remove from where it is placed. Also, they can be bulky which make them noticeable easily. On the other hand, the indoor camera can be smaller, less intrusive and more lightweight. It is not very easy to notice these cameras which make possible to monitor people without them knowing. Whether outdoor or indoor, most of these cameras are commonly known to utilize features such as infrared which allow for clear pictures/photos even in a low light situation. Also, they ensure easy transitions in case of an abrupt change in light, thanks to their ability to automatically light-change.

Security cameras are well-known to be very a vital component in your home security systems. However, they come in distinct types and in many features; thus, there is so much to make a choice from. It may be very challenging to know the right security camera for your needs. Luckily, we have made it easier for you as the following security cameras are the best for you.

The best indoor and outdoor cameras in 2018

Security camera Viewing angle Video Resolution
ANNKE 3MP Security Camera System 8CH TVI/CVI/AHD/IP/CVBS 5-in-1 DVR 67.8 degree 3MP
Blink XT Home Security Camera System 110 degree diagonal 720p
Zmodo 1080p HD NVR WiFi System 4 HD Outdoor and 4 HD Indoor 1.0 Megapixel Wide Angle Wireless Security Camera


81 degree 720p
Luowice Audio Wireless Security Camera System 1080p


The detailed features of the above security cameras are discussed below:

  1. ANNKE 3MP Security Camera System 8CH TVI/CVI/AHD/IP/CVBS 5-in-1 DVR

It is a high-quality security camera that keeps your home safe. It has potent 5-in-1 DVR, thus, apart from its default TVI format, it can also support CVBS, IP, AHD and CVI cameras. This ensures that you can make use f the old cameras or you can even add new cameras as time goes. It allows you to monitor any unusual movements both inside and outside the house, and during the day and at night. It provides very clear pictures/videos so that you can see every detail without having to lean in, stretch forward or strain the eyes.


  • It has smart search playback to prevent you from going through the entire recordings. It marks out your searching region on the monitor for you to see the video clips during movements while speeding through when there is no movement detection.
  • Its advanced H.264+ compression which saves about 70-80% of the recording space and under normal situations it can keep your recordings in a 1TB HDD for about 720 hours.
  • It is a waterproof camera which utilizes high-quality metal casing and protects it from great heat situation. This ensures that its lifetime is prolonged.
  • 3MP allows you to get very clear videos making sure that you see clearly each detailed feature in perfect colors and provides smooth on-screen videos. With this attribute, you can recognize faces easily.
  • Its infrared lights are known to be low power consumption and powerful, thus, last longer than the normal LED lights. They provide brilliant and properly-distributed night vision to guarantee you a great brightness.
  • The manufacturer (ANNKE) provides one year warranty as well as sixty-day money back assurance.


  • The product can be expensive for some people.
  1. Blink XT Home Security Camera System

It is a camera that you can place anywhere around the home whether inside or outside. It is advisable, to begin with its small system as you expand to a maximum of 10 cameras on just 1 Blink Sync Unit. This affordable security camera is battery powered and therefore, keeps your home safe always.


  • It utilizes 2 AA lithium batteries which last for two years even when you use the camera on a regular basis.
  • It is a camera that is very easy to set up with no data storage fees and extra subscription charges. Also, its cloud storage space is absolutely free.
  • Blink is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa-enabled gadgets such as Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, and Amazon Echo. For that reason, if you own these devices, you can now control the corresponding blink system without having to use voice alone or lift your finger.
  • The camera can detect motion around your home and alerts you through audio or HD video on your smartphone.
  • With its infrared night vision, you can see anything that is happening throughout the night.
  • It is a waterproof camera which allows recording with HD quality videos regardless of rain.


  • It only requires Android 4.4 or iOS 9.3 KitKat or higher. Therefore, without that, you cannot be able to use this camera.
  • The camera is not shipped to all the countries around the world. It will be good luck if you are living among the countries that it is shipped to.
  1. Zmodo 1080p HD NVR WiFi System 4 HD Outdoor and 4 HD Indoor 1.0 Megapixel Wide Angle Wireless Security Camera

It is a security camera that is very easy to install and set up as you do not require to run any cable around the house for you to connect the cameras and NVR. You only need to mount the cameras, then, plug the adapters in to go. The internet is the only connection between the cameras and NVR. Zmodo app will allow you to receive a clip alerts in any case motion is detected. The remote viewing of the camera is on tablets, web devices or smartphones and its app will help you view up to 4 cameras simultaneously. Its tech support offers three years warranty and sixty-day money back assurance.


  • It helps you playback your recordings either remotely through the Zmodo app on your mobile phone or locally on your monitors.
  • It utilizes digital signal transmission as opposes to an analog signal, therefore, it minimizes signal loss and provides quality images through the 720p.
  • The adjustable motion detection region ensures that you focus on the most important areas of the house like windows or doors for you get alerts immediately. Also, it can store the clip alerts in the cloud for about 12 hours without any charges/fees.
  • The infrared lights make sure that you monitor all that is happening around your home even at night without missing any detected movements.
  • It has in-built 500GB HDD to ensure that you save to maximum of 45 days of the footage.


  • Every camera requires to be plugged into any close by outlet for power.
  • The system for setup, the camera requires a password protected iOS 7.0 and above, am Android 4.0 and above, and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Network.
  1. Luowice Audio Wireless Security Camera System

It is a camera with an in-built 11” monitor. It allows live view as well as video playback via your smartphone, PC or tablet with clear audio. When plugged in, you can see all the cameras live view via its monitor only within seconds. Its customer support is very responsive; within 12 hours you will be sorted out.


  • When motion is detected, you will get push notifications via your email.
  • Its qualified WD drive ensures that you get continuous recordings.
  • The 1TB will support to a maximum of 30 days of recording. In case you will require more, you can acquire 4TB and replace with the HDD.
  • In case the HDD storage is full, the system will overwrite the oldest recordings automatically to allow more space for new ones.


  • It only supports one-way communication.
  • The monitor and cameras should be plugged in a power outlet with a wire for it to gain power.
  • You can only add to a maximum of 4 cameras.


Keep your property and your loved ones safe through installing indoor and outdoor security cameras around your home. It is the best thing to do and keeps you worry-free be it at work, trips or even vacations. The good news is that the above security cameras will solve your problem. However, they have similar and distinct features and it is up to you to make an informed decision depending on your preference and budget for the needed camera.

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How To Choose The Most Suitable CCTV Cameras


CCTV cameras are widely used for surveillance, monitoring and more so for security purposes worldwide. It uses remotely mounted cameras to transmit live pictures to a screen where they can be recorded and monitored. The good thing is that a CCTV camera whether installed at business premises or at home, it can prevent theft from occurring or lead to a positive ID of a burglar.

Adding a CCTV camera to your home or business will greatly improve your security system. It is a practical and more economical way of protecting and securing your premises. However, there are numerous CCTV Security Systems to choose from and each home has different surveillance needs.

They come in different body styles including bullet, box, PTZ, dome, and infrared. The body styles have no effect on the resolution of the video. They are just different styles to fit in different types of installation. They also come in different lens size. As a matter of fact, a CCTV with a small lens size in millimeters (mm) has a wider angle of view as compared to those with bigger lens size.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the surveillance camera.

  • Coverage is a major feature to consider when purchasing a surveillance camera. It is determined by the camera’s viewing angle and the coverage you need.
  • High-quality video resolution with the best CCTV having a higher resolution and hence clearer images.
  • The night vision range of a camera; the number of infrared LEDs in a surveillance camera determines the range of its night vision with many models having an inbuilt IR cut-switch that disables or enables infrared technology automatically depending on the light condition.
  • Sufficient recording capacity.
  • The style of the camera.

To help you narrow down to the best CCTV available on market today, I’ve compiled for you a list of 4 best security cameras you can choose from. Keep reading to get started.

The 4 Best CCTVs on the Market

CCTV Camera ANNKE (1) 720P Security Camera HD-TVI/AHD/CVI 3-in-1 Surveillance CCTV Camera with Weatherproof Housing and 66ft/20m Night Vision Hykamic CCTV Camera 2MP 1920x1080P 4-in-1 (TVI/AHD/CVI/960H Analog) Outdoor Security Dome Camera, True Day & Night Monitoring IP66, 3.6mm Lens (Dark Grey) Faleemi Outdoor/Indoor WiFi HD Security Camera, Waterproof Surveillance IP Camera, Bullet Camera for Your Smartphone with Motion Detection, Night Vision Taber 1080p dome camera 2mp TVI/AHD/CVI/960H 4 in 1, 3.6mm wide angle lens, night version up to 65ft, Surveillance Cameras


Field of view Wide 75 °


Wide 75 °


Wide 60 °


Wide 75 °


Night vision distance Up to 66ft/20m Up to 50ft


Up to 67ft


Up to 65ft


Body style Bullet Dome


Infrared bullet




Video resolution Full HD: 1280 x 720p


Full HD: 1920x1080p


Full HD: 1280x720p


Full HD: 1920×1080 2M


HD Lens 3.6mm 3.6 mm


3.6 mm


3.6 mm


Day and night function Support IR-Cut Support (ICR) The Faleemi allows you to turn on/off the night vision Support IR-Cut
Indoor/ outdoor IP66 weatherproof IP66 weatherproof IP66 weatherproof weatherproof
Colour Black Dark Grey White White


Now let’s go down to the nitty-gritty.

  • ANNKE (1) 720P Security Camera HD-TVI/AHD/CVI 3-in-1 Surveillance CCTV Camera with Weatherproof Housing and 66ft/20m Night Vision

ANNKE CCTV Systems are among the most popular surveillance camera out there. They have a vast collection of cameras that are easy to install and affordable. They provide you with instructions that will support you in all setups from installation to usage. In addition, they offer you free lifetime technical support and a one-year warranty as well.

Weatherproof with a smart IR-Cut Filter, this smart security camera has a wide application including school, home, and business surveillance. Its ability to resist harsh condition makes it ideal for both in doors and outdoor surveillance. The IR-Cut Filter allows the camera to switch between day and night to enhance the clarity and avoid color cast as well.

It has a 3.6mm lens that enables it to cover 75-degree viewing angle. It allows you to easily choose between TVI/CVI/AHD output modes with just pressing the mode switch button. It provides you with high-quality videos that are to details in pristine color and smooth movements.

As we all know that intruders are more likely to break in at night, you can rest assured that this 66ft surveillance camera’s night vision will capture a stunning video on all that happened in the dark.

View Amazon price


  • It supports a number of output modes
  • It is vandal and weather resistant that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It produces a clear night vision and great motion detection.
  • It is a motion detector.


  • It is not compatible with Analog DVR System or HD-AHD.


  • Hykamic CCTV Camera 2MP 1920x1080P 4-in-1 (TVI/AHD/CVI/960H Analog) Outdoor Security Dome Camera, True Day & Night Monitoring IP66, 3.6mm Lens (Dark Grey)

This dome style security camera features a 4-in-I resolution output including HD CVI, HD-TVI, 960H Analog, and AHD technologies. This makes it flexible for your security application, as it is compatible with analog DVR, AHD DVR, TVI DVR, and CVI DVR. It is easier to choose your output mode depending on the DVR you are using.

This Hykamic CCTV Camera makes it easy to motor your home or business. It features a durable IP66 weatherproof housing that protects it from harsh outdoor conditions including snow, dust, rain, and sand.

It features a 3.6 mm lens with a field of view of 75 degrees. It has IR technology that allows it to capture video up to 50ft in the dark.  It is easy to adjust the OSD setting of this camera over coax cabling thus no need for running additional data cable.

Check out the price on Amazon


  • It has a higher resolution meaning the images are more clear.
  • It is applicable for both outdoor and indoor use thanks to its weatherproof housing.
  • It is easy to install and operate.


  • It is a wired camera.
  • It does not support a mobile view.
  • It does not detect motion.
  • Faleemi Outdoor/Indoor WiFi HD Security Camera, Waterproof Surveillance IP Camera, Bullet Camera for Your Smartphone with Motion Detection, Night Vision

With its 36 Infrared LED lights, Faleemi security camera provides a clear video of the night events up to 67 feet. It features a 3.66mm lens that provides a viewing angle of 60 degrees. It is weatherproof and keeps you protected in all weather seasons whether it is snowing or raining.

It comes along with a Faleemi app that allows you to quickly and easily setup the camera via Android or iOS device. The app allows you to stream the video directly in your tablet, smartphone, tablet, apple, window or Mac PC. The app is downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Faleemi app allows you to easily control the surveillance camera. It allows you to switch on and off the night vision to provide 24/7 security surveillance during the day and night.

You are required to connect this security camera with your router using the provided RJ45 cable. You should add the camera to the downloaded Faleemi app to stream the videos from any monitor in your home or business so long as it is connected to Wi-Fi and has the installed app.

It comes with a one-year warranty and lifetime support provided directly by the manufacturer. The Faleemi Company provides you with their email and phone number to easily get in touch with them in case of any problem. In addition, they provide you with a user manual.

Check the Amazon price here.


  • It supports mobile streaming.
  • It is easy to install and operate.
  • It is IP66 weatherproof allowing for indoor or outdoor use.
  • It detects motion.


  • This camera has no battery and requires a power supply.
  • Taber 1080p dome camera 2mp TVI/AHD/CVI/960H 4 in 1, 3.6mm wide angle lens, night version up to 65ft, Surveillance Cameras

This dome-shaped security camera provides you with high-quality night and day images. It features a focal length of 3.6mm that allows it to have a wide viewing angle of 75 degrees.

It is a 4-in-1-security camera that allows you to switch resolution output to either TVI, CVI, AHD, or 960H Analog models. This camera is compatible with all Analog DVRs.

This security camera also features IR cut that automatically switches on or off the night mode depending on the lighting condition. This allows you to have a clear footage of your property even at night.

With the auto day and night Taber 1080p dome camera, you can monitor your properties 24/7. The IR technology allows it to view clearly up to 65 feet during the night.

Click here for Amazon price.


  • It is metal and weatherproof making it ideal for use both indoors and outdoors in all seasons.
  • It is easy to install.


  • The IR mode tends to go dark after a few minutes.

General advantages and disadvantages of a CCTV security system

CCTVs are widely used in many business settings for security purposes. Some homes have also adopted the trend of having a CCTV camera in their homes for the same reason and to be in a position of monitoring their kids and pets from their workplace as well. Here are some reasons why you would prefer a Closed-circuit Television CCTV system.

Security cameras are essential, but like all things they have some ups and downs. Here are some key pros and cons that will help you make an informed decision when opting for a Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) system.


  • With this system, you can connect all your cameras to one device, unlike the cloud-based security cameras.
  • They are conspicuous and this might help to deter potential burglars from robbing your home or business or lead to a positive identification of burglars.
  • Multiple security cameras give you multiple viewing dimension of your property.
  • The system allows you to monitor the happening at your home or business in your absence.


  • Being monitored makes a lot of people uncomfortable and feel like you don’t trust them; be it your kids or even employees unless you clearly explain the main aim of having a surveillance camera.
  • This system is quite expensive from purchasing the cameras to maintaining the technology updated.


CCTVs advantages out way the disadvantages and you might want to consider one in your home or business. The main aim of having a CCTV is for security purposes. The mentioned are just but a few of the surveillance camera available on the market that can help protect, monitor, or bring burglars to justice. With a CCTV you can rest assured your family is as safe as possible. That piece of mind is enough to convince you to consider a security camera. However, you should ensure that it is of high quality.

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Surveillance cameras remain one of the most significant practical applications of motion picture technology in the 21st Century. At first, the primary applications of surveillance cameras were largely security-oriented, but with tech giants like ANNKE in play, the borders of surveillance technologies have been (and are being further) extended to include greater capabilities that broaden their applications.  This post explores some of these other applications of surveillance camera systems and the benefits they bestow on us.


The motivation for Good Behavior

The presence of surveillance cameras in workplaces, buses, and other public places keep people on their best behavior. Much like would-be burglars who sometimes change their minds at the sight of surveillance cameras because they do not want their faces caught on camera; potential assailants have also been known to walk away when they notice that a security camera nearby. Supervisors also use surveillance cameras to monitor quality control in food processing and employee behavior in workplaces. In addition, surveillance cameras are used in monitoring the behavior of motorists and other road users.


Many public places like shopping centers and businesses have a central station or room from which security personnel monitor surveillance cameras in real-time. With these kinds of arrangements in place, detecting malfunctions in isolated parts of the building, or finding out that a customer or worker is in some kind of distress (e.g. having a heart attack) becomes a lot easier.

Access to Uninhabitable Places

Surveillance camera systems have given us access to places that would otherwise remain inaccessible to us. One of the most significant applications of surveillance cameras is their usage in monitoring nuclear reactors other hazardous industrial settings thus giving us a better grip on the activities that take place in such places.

Improved perception of Business Establishments

The presence of surveillance cameras improves the overall impression that customers and visitors have about an establishment. People think of surveillance cameras primarily in terms of their security purposes; it is for this reason that customers/visitors believe your establishment is more secure when they notice surveillance cameras in them. Although you may have boots on the ground to oversee the security needs of your business environment, surveillance cameras take a further step in reassuring the customers that they are secure, and you should take advantage of this.

Improved Parental Control/Monitoring

The sort of Surveillance camera systems popularly known as Nanny-Cams is increasingly becoming popular among parents who require babysitting services. Not only can these Nanny-Cam systems record the activities of the nanny or when you are not around, the live feed of whatever is going on can be monitored by you on your internet-enabled mobile phone or any other internet-enabled device thus giving you an insight to what goes on when you are not around.

You can also use a nanny-cam to monitor your infant or toddler. So you need not run around the house anymore when to check if your infant needs your attention in the nursery or to find out whether your kids are playing under safe conditions in the backyard; you can simply do that from the comfort of your couch courtesy of the surveillance camera you’ve installed.


Evidence retrieved from surveillance camera systems are vital to crime investigation and prosecution. Today, surveillance technologies are more efficient in preserving data that might count as evidence since some of them back up data to the cloud. This removes the risk of losing all data recorded data as a result of the destruction of on-site storage systems.

Improved Security

This might come across as an overstatement of an obvious fact since surveillance camera systems are primarily used for security purposes but technological advancements make it rather difficult not to mention it here.  Remote access to surveillance camera systems now makes it possible to monitor the security of your home or business place from halfway across the world on mobile devices or other internet-enabled gadgets. One of the many benefits of this is that you can alert security agencies of a break-in before the intruder gets very far. In addition, cloud storage utilities ensure that evidence is not destroyed perchance there is an intrusion and the data storage components of your surveillance system are tampered with.


Surveillance camera systems have a wide range of applications you should take advantage of and there is a myriad of brands and designs on the tech market to choose from.  ANNKE provides user-friendly and affordable HD surveillance camera systems and IPCs that are suitable for both home, and business, and industrial applications. One of the best things about choosing ANNKE is that you do not have to know a lot about cameras in order to find the right fit for your business because an experienced customer representative is always available to assess your needs and make the recommendation on which surveillance system you should go with.

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Why will you need security cameras when renting an apartment?

keys for the rent house


According to an estimate, the total number of rental house in America is about 37 percent. Now, this survey was done in 2016, and after that, the number is only increasing. There could be many reasons for this kind of situation. Initially, the total rise in private home prices has made many people drop the idea of buying a house. A vast majority have sold their own houses due to financial constraints. And, this list goes on.

Recommendation read: Resident Demographics

In this article, we will mainly talk over two main things. At first, we will let you know what you should do whenever you decide to live on a rental house. After that, we will focus on why you need to install a security camera in your home.

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Top 9 Smart Homes Technology Trends at CES 2018

CES 2018


CES is known as world’s biggest platform for innovators to display their groundbreaking technologies. CES indeed provides an excellent opportunity for everyone who wants to reach massive audiences. For over 50 years, it has given opportunities to hundreds of techies to come forward. It enables them to reach the potential market, and make their mark in the world. This event is indeed one of a kind as it covers all traits of the tech industry.

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What is an HD-TVI Security Camera System?

HD-TVI security camera infographic


After the idea of security cameras was well received by many people, a lot of homeowners installed these devices. These tiny digital watchmenthen became a necessary component to enhance home security. However, initially, people struggled with the video, which was anything but blurry. Not only this, many crimes were left unsolved because the object in the footage could not be identified. However, with the passage of time, technology changed the facade of security cameras.

With ‘cutting-edge’ invention of High definition Transport Video Interface HD-TVI camera, people were able to revolutionize their surveillance game.

In this article, we will thoroughly discuss what exactly HD-TVI camera is how homeowners can use it today for their benefit.

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How to Install Outdoor Solar Powered Security Cameras?

installing outdoor solar security cameras


With the passage of time, the nature of crimes (specifically breaking and entering) has evolved. Now, burglars can enter your home without your knowledge. Sometimes, there is no sign of forced entry as well. Considering these factors in mind, you have to make sure that your home entrance is safe. Along with that, you also have to keep a constant check on your surroundings. You can do so by installing security cameras at your doorstep.

Now, this solution might be happily ever after for some people, but it might not work for everyone. In some sensitive locations, there is a need for 24/7 security. In case, there is not enough power or the internet is shady, you need to have a backup. This backup can be anything as long as it does not require electrical energy. The best one among a whole lot is a solar powered security camera. It will work a lot better than the conventional camera that you have in your house. A solar powered security camera will provide you real-time high definition video, that too, all day long. This means it will run without interruption, even in case of emergencies.

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